Our Story

Eighty Nine Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd is the bucket specialist manufacturer for nationwide & worldwide.

Established in 1989, Eighty Nine Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd has consistently grown and expanded its operation and distribution to nationwide and worldwide, making major improvements in the areas of product development, quality control, Kaizen, 5S, and manufacturing automation.

The founder, MOK humbly over five decades long dedicated contributions to the construction equipment industry in Malaysia – started since the era of active logging and tin mining from year 1969 – such vivid memories of day and night committed hard work on welding and delivering these wheel loader logforks and excavator rock buckets.

Eighty Nine Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd has to expand into an three acres land with greater efficiency facilities and double the output capacity to fulfill and serve the growing domestic market’s demand – thereafter, also for worldwide distributions including Japan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Africa, Germany, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Middle East – backed by strong financials and dedicated team, also invested heavily into leading edge technology and upgrading manufacturing facilities, professional capabilities, ensuring efficient production planning and stringent quality control, venturing into research and development to produce leading edge products.

Our continuous success and growth are the result of a commitment to excellence in engineering, manufacturing, quality and customer service.


Eighty Nine Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd is always recognized as a leading bucket specialist manufacturer in the region. In August 2018, we have been strengthening our product line with the launch of all-new-generation “EN89007 & EN89008“ Bucket series. The launch and distribution of this Bucket series has been a great success and were delighted by all customers.

Once again we have produced a product that matches and exceeds the requirements of today’s customers – incorporating impressive material of AR400 Japan origin abrasion resistant steel promises durability of Bucket to tripled wear life.

This Bucket series made to be perfect combination pairing with Construction Equipment of this era:
  • It is built as tough for mining jobsites & heavy working conditions.
  • It assembles highly abrasion materials making it capable for highest output.
  • It is delivering remarkable working performance.
  • It is reinforced to extend upto three times wear durability.
  • It promotes reduced operational cost and maintenance cost.

Our experience and customer-led-feedback has successfully come together as one to provide customers with reliability and high work efficiency.

At the same cost, this Bucket series addresses real needs & concerns of the customers.

Warranty extended as commitment to customer’s satisfaction.